Streamlining the experience of working out.

Minneapolis YWCA* App Redesign

*No actual affiliation at all. I just love the Y, and think the app could use some TLC*

Client // Self — Learning, Practice, and Fun

Scope // App Design, UX, UI

What are we working with?

After joining the YWCA last year, I downloaded the app to see how it could make my experience more seamless at the Y. What I ended up downloading functioned well. I was able to see when classes were, add them to my calendar, check on schedules, and many other routine tasks. 

As I started thinking through features that I would like to see I decided to start taking notes. Could I make this thing better?


Let's Sketch

When considering the new experience, I wanted to have thoughtful considerations towards the end product. Is it easy to use? Does it make the experience more convenient? Is it accessible to all users?


Take 1

I hopped into Adobe XD (for real people, check it out), and started prototyping what I thought would be a decent app improvement. It looked nice at the time, but was missing some functional components.

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Round 2

What I was really missing was a foundation of UX research (duh). So after reading more about the methodology, looking into both Apple and Google's app design standards, and more sketching I came back at the project. 

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