Prairie Burn Music Festival

Making a Community Festival Waaaaaaay Foxier. 

Prairie Burn Music Festival

Creative Director // Tricia Christiansen

Client // Camp St. Croix YMCA Camp

Scope // Identity Development, Merchandise, Wayfinding

Jr. Designer // Abby Erickson


"Seriously guys, this stuff is so freaking awesome I can't handle it"

- Client

For the 2016 Prairie Burn Music Festival a lot of magic ended up happening:

  1. Work at a studio amazing enough to donate a butt-ton of time for an amazing community project. 
  2. Make a fox logo that the client loves. 
  3. Have the most fun of my very short career working on a project that will impact the greater community.
  4. (Bonus) Have a beer tasting on my 25th birthday.